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Uncover genuine English learning with our introductory package, "Live English Experience." Ideal for those who seek a realistic and effective preview of our full course. With live classes, native instructors, and a practical approach, this package is your initial stride toward English mastery.

Revamp your English learning With the "Live English Experience" package, we offer you a glimpse into the future of your learning. Experience the quality, commitment, and effectiveness of our classes. Ready to embark on your journey?


  • 16 One-Hour Classes: Immerse yourself in intensive and dynamic sessions. These 16 classes will provide you with a solid foundation and a clear perspective of the learning journey ahead.
  • Flexible Schedules: We understand your time is valuable. That's why we offer flexible schedules that adapt to your daily life, allowing you to learn without pressure.
  • Semi-Personalized Classes: We ensure quality teaching with focused attention. Each class will have a maximum of 5 people, enabling more personalized instruction and greater opportunity to interact.
  • Immersive Method: Forget traditional and monotonous translations. Our method is based on language immersion, utilizing native and international teachers who will immerse you in the language from the very beginning.
  • Certified Levels: You'll progress through our certified levels, from beginners (A1, A2) to advanced levels (B1, B2, C1, C2). Each level is designed to challenge you and take you to the next step of your language journey.
  • Exclusive Online Platform: You'll have access to our online platform, an invaluable resource with additional materials, exercises, and content that complements your live classes.
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