Level 2: Interactive Self-Study Platform + Pre-recoded classes


Level 2 (A1.2) - Building Confidence in English

Welcome to Level 2 (A1.2), a course designed to build upon the foundational skills developed in Level 1 (A1.1). This self-study program is crafted for learners who have taken their initial steps in mastering English and are ready to progress further. Here's what you can expect:

  • Motivating and Contemporary Topics: Dive into engaging topics that continue to captivate learners, providing relevant and enjoyable content.
  • Lively Dialogues with Expanded Vocabulary: Immerse yourself in dialogues with increased vocabulary, enhancing your ability to understand and engage in everyday conversations with growing confidence.
  • Integrated Approach to the Four Skills: Continue your journey with a holistic approach to developing reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, ensuring a well-rounded language proficiency.
  • Special Emphasis on Vocabulary Expansion: Expand your vocabulary further, building on the foundation laid in Level 1 (A1.1), and enabling more nuanced communication.
  • Grammar Presented in Varied Contexts: Explore grammar in a variety of contexts, allowing for a deeper understanding and practical application in real-life situations.
  • Systematic Development of Reading and Listening Skills: Progress systematically through a curriculum designed to advance your reading and listening skills, catering to learners at the A1.2 level.
  • Variety of Communicative Tasks: Engage in a diverse range of communicative tasks designed to reinforce your language skills and foster interactive learning.
  • Step-by-Step Approach to Writing: Continue refining your writing skills with a step-by-step approach, gradually tackling more complex writing tasks.
  • Activities for Critical Thinking: Participate in activities that encourage critical thinking, laying the groundwork for more analytical language skills.
  • Practical Tips for Continued Autonomy: Receive practical tips aimed at further developing your ability to learn independently, setting the stage for ongoing language proficiency.
  • Revision Sections: Benefit from a dedicated review section in each module, facilitating regular revision and consolidation of learned material.
  • Grammar Reference Section: Access a user-friendly grammar reference section for quick clarification of rules as you encounter more complex structures.

Continue your English language journey with Level 2 (A1.2) and build the confidence to navigate a wider range of everyday situations with ease.

Module 1: Establishing Communication Foundations

  • Explore the dynamic interaction between the Simple Present and Present Progressive
  • Dive into the realm of Stative Verbs, adding depth to language usage
  • Illuminate conversations with Questions and Question Words
  • Uncover the subtleties of Indirect Questions for effective communication
  • Embark on a narrative journey through Past Simple, adding a storytelling dimension
  • Adapt to new experiences with "Used to" and "Be/Get Used to"

Module 2: Narrating Past Events with Fluency

  • Illuminate past narratives with the Past Progressive tense
  • Navigate through Past Simple vs. Past Progressive distinctions
  • Craft engaging stories using Relative Clauses
  • Distinguish between Adjectives and Adverbs of Manner
  • Engage in lively comparisons to enhance descriptive language

Module 3: Mastering Perfect Tenses and Modals

  • Master the art of Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Progressive
  • Navigate the landscape of Modals: Must, Have to, Need, Would Rather, Had Better
  • Explore the possibilities with Modals: May, Might, Could
  • Decipher nuances with Modals: Must, Can’t

Module 4: Forecasting the Future and Conditional Structures

  • Explore various Future Tenses for dynamic language use
  • Delve into Time Clauses for precision in communication
  • Unravel the mysteries of Conditional Sentences (Types 1, 2)
  • Investigate the subtle interplay of Articles, Nouns, and Determiners

Module 5: Exploring Past Perfect and Expressive Narratives

  • Unearth the intricacies of Past Perfect Simple and Past Perfect Progressive
  • Illuminate narratives with Reported Speech (Statements)
  • Navigate the art of conveying requests and inquiries with Reported Speech (Questions, Commands, Requests)

Module 6: Crafting Voices with Passive Constructions

  • Introduce Passive Voice I for a unique perspective
  • Navigate through Clauses of Reason, Concession, and Purpose
  • Deepen understanding with Passive Voice II

Module 7: Exploring Infinitives and Causative Form

  • Explore the dynamic nature of Infinitives and -ing Forms
  • Uncover the agency behind actions with Causative Form
  • Delve into Modal Structures with the added layer of "have + past participle"

Module 8: Concluding with Advanced Structures and Expressive Language

  • Engage with Conditional Sentences (Type 3) for hypothetical scenarios
  • Explore the realm of Wishes and the Unreal Past
  • Embrace variety with All, Both, Neither, None
  • Juxtapose alternatives with Both... and..., Neither... nor..., Either... or...

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