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Level 3 (A2) - Navigating Everyday Conversations with Confidence

Welcome to Level 3 (A2), a course designed for learners who have acquired foundational skills and are ready to navigate more complex aspects of the English language. This self-study program builds on the knowledge gained in Levels 1 and 2, offering a comprehensive learning experience. Here's what you can expect:

  • Motivating and Contemporary Topics for Elementary Learners: Explore topics that cater to elementary learners, ensuring continued engagement and relevance in your language learning journey.
  • Lively Dialogues with Increased Sophistication: Immerse yourself in dialogues with greater complexity, enhancing your ability to understand and participate in a wider array of everyday conversations.
  • Integrated Approach to Further Develop the Four Skills: Deepen your proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking through a continued integrated approach, fostering a well-rounded language foundation.
  • Special Emphasis on Expanding Vocabulary: Expand your vocabulary at an elementary level, enabling you to express yourself more precisely and comprehend diverse content.
  • Grammar Presented and Practiced in Varied Contexts: Explore grammar in diverse contexts, allowing for a deeper understanding and practical application in real-life situations encountered by elementary learners.
  • Systematic Development of Reading and Listening Skills: Progress systematically through a curriculum tailored to enhance your reading and listening skills, addressing the needs of elementary learners at the A2 level.
  • Variety of Communicative Tasks for Interactive Learning: Engage in a diverse range of communicative tasks designed to reinforce your language skills and promote interactive learning.
  • Step-by-Step Approach to Writing Skills Improvement: Continue refining your writing skills with a step-by-step approach, gradually taking on more complex writing tasks suitable for elementary learners.
  • Activities Encouraging Critical Thinking and Personal Response: Participate in activities designed to stimulate critical thinking and personal response, fostering analytical language skills.
  • Practical Tips to Support Autonomous Learning: Receive practical tips to further develop your ability to learn independently, empowering you to take control of your language learning journey.
  • Review Sections: Benefit from a dedicated review section in each module, facilitating regular revision and consolidation of learned material.
  • Grammar Reference Section for Quick Access to Rules: Access a user-friendly grammar reference section for quick clarification of rules as you encounter more intricate structures.

Embark on the next phase of your language journey with Level 3 (A2) and gain the confidence to navigate a broader range of everyday situations with ease.

Module 1: Mastering Verb Tenses and Expressions

  • Grasp the dynamics of Present Simple vs. Present Progressive
  • Engage with the subtleties of Stative Verbs in various contexts
  • Traverse through Past Simple for recounting past events
  • Explore the concept of "Used to" for habitual actions
  • Navigate through Prepositions of Time for temporal precision
  • Fine-tune language with Quantifiers for accuracy

Module 2: Analyzing Past Actions and Perfecting Present Perfect

  • Illuminate past experiences with Past Progressive
  • Navigate the intricacies of Past Simple vs. Past Progressive
  • Craft compelling narratives with Time Clauses (when, while, as, as soon as)
  • Master Present Perfect Simple for nuanced expressions
  • Explore the distinctions in Present Perfect Simple vs. Past Simple

Module 3: Expressing Abilities, Obligations, and Making Comparisons

  • Embrace a spectrum of modal expressions: Can, Could, May, Be Able To
  • Navigate obligations with Have To, Don't Have To, Need To, Must, Mustn't
  • Master the art of Indirect Questions for effective communication
  • Engage in nuanced comparisons to enhance descriptive language

Module 4: Forecasting the Future and Relating to Conditions

  • Explore Future Will for predictive language
  • Delve into Future Will: Will Have To, Will Be Able To
  • Craft effective language with Time Clauses (when, after, before, until, as soon as)
  • Express adequacy with Too-Enough and delve into Relative Clauses

Module 5: Exploring Verb Forms and Advising

  • Uncover the dynamics of Infinitives and -ing Forms
  • Offer advice and recommendations with Should and Had Better
  • Dive into Passive Voice (Present Simple - Past Simple) for varied expression

Module 6: Discussing Possibilities and Conditions

  • Express possibilities with May, Might, Could
  • Delve into Conditional Sentences Type 1 for hypothetical scenarios
  • Navigate through conditional nuances: If vs. When
  • Express agreement and disagreement with So, Neither, Too, Either
  • Master Present Perfect Progressive vs. Present Perfect Simple for precision

Module 7: Polishing Questioning Techniques and Reflexivity

  • Hone questioning skills with Question Tags and Negative Questions
  • Explore the expressiveness of Exclamatory Sentences
  • Engage with Clauses of Result for effective communication
  • Navigate Reflexive Pronouns for nuanced expression
  • Uncover the intricacies of Past Perfect Simple for narrative depth

Module 8: Mastering Reported Speech and Expressing Wishes

  • Articulate thoughts with Reported Speech (Statements, Questions, Commands, Requests)
  • Explore conditional nuances with Conditional Sentences Type 2
  • Express desires and delve into unreal past scenarios with Wishes and Unreal Past

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