General English Placement Test

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Introducing our General English Placement Test - Your Guiding Compass to English Proficiency!

The Door Service English Placement Test is a quick and convenient online test to provide accurate results and is easy to administer; you can take the test at anytime, anywhere, even for candidates at home. Results are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the international standard for describing language ability.

At our platform, we understand that every language learner is unique, and starting at the right level is crucial for a successful learning journey. That's why we've developed our cutting-edge General English Placement Test. This innovative tool is designed to assess your current English proficiency accurately, guiding you to the perfect starting point in our courses.

Our mission is simple - to empower you with the knowledge of where you stand in your English language skills and to provide personalized recommendations on which course level suits you best. Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced learner, the General English Placement Test ensures you embark on a tailored learning path that optimizes your progress and success.

Important note:

Practice tests purchased on this site are in a fixed format, so questions do not vary from test to test. This means that if you purchase more than one Door Service English Test, you will receive the same questions on every test.

Placement Test Topics:

  • Test length: ~50 minutes
  • Number of questions: 50
  • Test sections: Listening, Vocabulary and Grammar, Communication, Reading comprehension.

Score report includes:

  • Your precise overall score and sub-skill area scores in the range of 10-50 en Fist part on the Global Scale of English
  • A detailed description of your language capabilities in the areas of Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing
  • Suggestions for improvement based on your current skills
  • Typing speed and accuracy

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